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About Us

Vacodia, Inc. ( is a website devoted to regular ordinary people to list, discover, reserve and rent their homes, apartments and room spaces around the world for short periods of time. Vacodia connects regular Tenants, Homeowners and Property Managers with Tourists and Travelers who seek the space, value and amenities of regular homes and vacation rental homes as an alternative to expensive hotels and vacation resorts at extremely reduced prices. The site also allows owners of homes and apartments to barter and exchange their properties at NO COST with each other at various locations all over the world. By facilitating the listing and booking transactions, Vacodia makes the process of listing or booking a space effortless and efficient. The BEST part is: our service is completely FREE.

The site has a large and diverse selection of homes, rooms and apartment around the world, with nearly 300,000 vacation rental listings across over 180 countries. With detailed property descriptions, photos and list of amenities and nearby attractions, Vacodia is a one-stop website that makes it easy to find and compare properties and rentals and rooms all over the world. The site is FREE for BOTH Travelers and Owners to list, reserve, exchange and book properties and spaces.The site is also FREE to book and exchange places among members. Vacodia features Listing Reviews where users can compare the accuracy of a listing to a property they have rented in the past. This capability also includes ratings for the services and the quality of the property. 

The company also makes it easy for vacation rental owners and property managers to advertise their properties and manage bookings online at NO cost to them. In fact we accept Hotel owners to advertise their vacancies on our website for all our users for very low prices. 

Vacodia, Inc. is a subsidiary of UB1640 Holding Company; a global holding company for Internet based Consumer companies. It is based in Columbia, Maryland. USA.

French Quarter Early
by James Thomas United States of America
Lovely Uptown House
by James Thomas United States of America
Bolotho Barns
by Toyin S. Bello United Kingdom