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Mistakes that should be avoided by rental owners – cottage rentals
Managing a vacation rental is certainly a challenging job. There is so much involved in running and managing a profitable rental business making it really difficult to get everything right from the start.

Given below are some common mistakes that most rental owner make. May be you can learn from them to improve your service quality:

1. Not screening – Most first time owners get so enthusiastic about the initial enquiries and bookings, they go for them without actually thinking it through which can result in the potential for problems on arrival. Before taking a booking, you should always choose to talk to your guests to understand their requirements to make sure that they are good match for your property.

2. Listing on too many sites - Many of the new sites will tempt you with a free listing and while there is hardly anything wrong in going with these offers, think before you sign up with too many.  Remember that each time your rental is changed (rates, amenities, photos etc.) you’ll have to go to each and every listing site you’re registered with and manually change the details.

3. Booking without an agreement - A well drafted rental agreement is crucial for your peace of mind as well as your guests’. It accounts the period of the hire, check -in/check -out times, occupancy restrictions, pet policy as well as any other terms and conditions that you place on a rental. It saves you from any misinterpretation as you can easily refer back to the signed agreement in the event of a dispute.

4. Pricing too high or too low - Before you haste to put a high price for your cottage rentals, take some time to assess more of the competition. While deciding the price, look carefully at what is promoted on agency and listing sites for properties in your area and assess the amenities and features of your competitors.

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